‘Today Show’ Sex Scandals: Savannah Guthrie’s Twisted Love Life


Today” show’s MATT LAUER and his new co-host SAVANNAH GUTHRIE share a shock­ing secret shame – they’re both accused homewreckers! ALL THE INTIMATE DETAILS!

As The ENQUIRER revealed in a blockbuster ex­clusive, Lauer carried on an illicit affair with a married Florida woman, Jessica Thor­man, until shortly before his 1998 wedding to Dutch model Annette Roque.

The woman’s husband, Zoltan Molnar, accused Lauer of wrecking his mar­riage, declaring: “He’s not the goody-goody nice guy he looks like on TV!”

NOW The ENQUIRER has learned Savannah, 40,  was the “other woman” in a love triangle that set media types abuzz when she fell in love with married British TV pro­ducer Mark Orchard!

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But after Orchard dumped his wife to marry her, Savan­nah kicked the BBC newsman to the curb – divorcing him and taking up with a high-powered Washington insider.

A BBC source close to Or­chard told The ENQUIRER: “The poor guy was totally smitten by Savannah and gave up his family for her. She turned his life upside down.”

The two hooked up while they were both reporting on the late Michael Jackson’s sex­ual molestation trial in 2005, sources say.

“Savannah was covering the trial for Court TV and Mark for the BBC, and there was instant chemistry between them,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“There was a lot of talk among other journalists there about Savannah and Mark pairing off.”

Over the course of the five-month trial, Orchard left his wife, “New York Times” reporter Anne Kornblut, and began publicly dating Savan­nah.

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Even though the lovebirds wed in December 2005, the romance was said to have tar­nished Savannah’s name. And they wound up splitting about three years later.

“Savannah has a reputation of being a great journalist, but her affair with Mark gave her a black eye in some circles,” the source revealed.

Single-again Savannah – then NBC’s White House correspondent – began dating political consultant Michael Feldman, who’d been a senior aide to former Vice President Al Gore.

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But when the “Today” show called, she hightailed it to New York, and the relation­ship short-circuited, said a source.

“Both Savannah and Mi­chael said things fizzled under the stress of trying to maintain a long-distance romance,” said the source.

“But the truth is that when Savannah knew she was on the fast track, she put everything else aside, including Michael!”

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Ambitious Savannah has had her eye on Ann Curry’s co-host seat since joining “Today” last year as chief legal correspondent, and as The ENQUIRER recently re­ported, she was first in line after Annette threatened to divorce Matt if the job went to “Today” news anchor Nata­lie Morales.

Rumors have swirled that Matt and Natalie had a steamy affair that began while the two were covering the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy, prompting Annette’s plans to trail Matt to London for the upcoming summer Olympics so she can keep an eye on him.

But Savannah’s promotion to co-host is sure to fur­ther unnerve long-suffering Annette, who once filed for di­vorce to end their now 13-year marriage before withdraw­ing the legal papers a month later, say sources. “Savannah has fixed her eye on a married guy before, and Matt would be some catch!” said a source.

“As far as Annette is con­cerned, Savannah’s reputation precedes her!”