Tiger Woods Lays Low In New Sex Scandal

Disgraced golfer now the victim of photo hackers!

Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn
Getty Images

Tiger Woods has been caught in ANOTHER scandal — but this time HE’S the victim!

Shocking nude images of the troubled 14-time champion of major golf events and his former girlfriend, Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn, have been leaked to porn sites in the latest celebrity photo hack! The graphic images, shot and exchanged by the pair before their 2015 split, were lifted from Lindsey’s phone.

Embattled Tiger has been struggling to revive his career, which has been in free fall since The National ENQUIRER revealed he cheated on wife Elin Nordegren in late 2009 — costing him his marriage AND millions in endorsements.

While Lindsey is unleashing her legal team on the digital crooks for their “despicable invasion of privacy” — Tiger is laying low.

“He’s staying as far away from this as possible,” an insider spilled.

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But Tiger and Lindsey weren’t the only targets! “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart and model girlfriend Stella Maxwell also had their explicit photos swiped — and have hired lawyers to demand websites remove the illegally obtained images.

Kristen’s lawyer, Scott Whitehead, called on other affected stars, such as Miley Cyrus and Katharine McPhee, to do the same and said the stolen pics are a “flagrant violation” of copyright laws.

A spokesperson for Lindsey added she “will take all necessary and appropriate legal action to protect and enforce her rights and interests,” and thinks the hackers should “be prosecuted.”