Rob Shuter

Serena Williams & John McEnroe’s Grudge Match

Could the next 'Battle of the Sexes' be coming?

serena williams & john mcenroe
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John McEnroe said he regrets saying Serena Williams would be ranked “like 700 in the world” if she had to play on the men’s circuit!

But the tennis legend is now ready to eat his words — and make money in the process.

“Several big promoters are interested in putting together a match after she has the baby. Serena is into it and thinks she can beat John on the court,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER’s own Rob Shuter.

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Back in 1973, Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in an exhibition at the Houston Astrodome that was dubbed, “The Battle of the Sexes” — a historic match that is being turned into a film with Emma Stone as the then 29-year-old King and Steve Carell cast as the 55-year-old Riggs.