Brad Pitt Cautions Funnyman Steve Carell: Never Take Your Eyes Off Of My Balls!

Steve carell splash


Talk about taking one for the team!

On the set of their new flick “The Big Short,” Brad Pitt, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling were playing a macho scene – flinging a hefty medicine ball back and forth while arguing business matters at a gym – when Pitt accidentally power-slammed a shot right in Steve’s … er, pitts!

Said My SpyWitness: “Steve took his eyes off the ball for a second just as Brad flung one full-speed and … KAPOW! Steve didn’t put his hands up and got smashed in the tender hinterlands, right below the belt! Letting out a huge scream, he hit the floor, writhing in pain as Brad ran to kneel beside him, stammering apologies! Steve, much to his credit, insisted on going back to work after walking it off, claiming he was fine. Then he cracked everyone up when he re-did his scene – delivering dialogue in a painfully high-pitched voice!”