Sandra Bullock’s New Relationship Going Downhill

The actress takes her new daughter, and her bad boyfriend, to the slopes!

Sandra bullock downhill marriage

Beaming Sandra Bullock is Miss Congeniality herself with her “druggie” boyfriend, Bryan Randall, and newly adopted daughter, Laila!

The National ENQUIRER obtained the world exclusive photos of the reclusive actress during a candid moment.

“All of a sudden, Bryan is spending a lot of time with Sandy and her kids,” a source dished. “And he’s playing daddy to the little ones.”

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In addition to 3-year-old Laila, who was spotted publicly for the first time, Sandra also has a son, Louis, 5.

Only weeks after she denied an exclusive ENQUIRER story revealing she planned to adopt again, she announced in December she was bringing home a little girl who had been in foster care.

The photos were taken Dec. 27 on the ski slopes in Wyoming, where the star owns a $1.5 million hideaway on 1,750 acres of land! Joining the couple on the slopes were close pals Jennifer Aniston and her husband, Justin Theroux.

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“You would have thought they were married; they looked so happy,” gabbed an eyewitness. “Sandra showed Laila the ropes as Laila got up on skis for the first time, and Bryan played the dutiful dad, proudly snapping pics!”

Divorced Sandra, who began dating Bryan last year after his split from a woman 23 years his junior, appears willing to give marriage one more try.

“While it doesn’t appear she plans to rush down the aisle with him anytime soon, you could say they’re in a trial marriage because they act like one big happy family and he’s around her house all the time,” dished a source.

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Though her rep said there is no engagement, another insider said that “while Bryan has been through the trials of fatherhood, Sandra, nonetheless, is considering him as possible marriage material and is sending him off to parenting school!”

As The ENQUIRER reported, Bryan was arrested on a DUI charge in 1988 and served four days in jail. A drunken four-day bender in 1990 — in which he trashed a hotel room — landed Bryan in the hospital for severe dehydration.

Bryan also suggested he was a serious drug user when he posted on Facebook: “I’m pretty sure (daughter Skylar) was conceived while I was loaded on LSD.”

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After Sandra’s disastrous marriage to Jesse James, an insider said she’s finally content: “It now looks like she’s found love.”