Shiver Me Timbers!

Ryan Dyin’ For High-Seas Pirate-Treasure Pleasure

Reynolds' 'Deadpool' pals eager to reboot waterlogged franchise!

ryan reynolds pirates caribbean reboot
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Ryan Reynolds is topping a wish list of hot Hollywood swashbucklers ready to rock the boat and star in a refreshened reboot of Disney’s billion-dollar “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

“The witty writers behind ‘Deadpool’ are being wooed to breathe new life into the fantasy films,” a surly scallywag told The National ENQUIRER.

“They know how to write for Ryan, so don’t be surprised when the hunk climbs onboard!

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He and his gorgeous actress wife, Blake Lively, have been eager to do a fun project together — and this could be it!”

Great hook, right? As for money-strapped Johnny Depp, who reportedly made over $300 million for the ol’ splashy adventures, that waterlogged ship may have already sailed into the horizon.

“They could bring booze-guzzling Jack Sparrow back for a wee cameo — if Johnny doesn’t ask a pirate’s ransom.”