Mike Walker

Ryan Reynolds’ Big Breast Milk Surprise

Blake Lively tells put-upon hunk hubby: 'Grow up!'

ryan reynolds blake lively breastfeed

Mike Walker Reports… Folks, I’m pumping hard to keep you … er, abreast of today’s titillating mouthful of scoop in drips, drabs and dribbles — beginning with the jaw-dropper that Ryan Reynolds believed he was the only grown-up ever to taste-test hot MILF-Y wife Blake Lively’s Crème De La Crème mommy milk!

But even that bubble burst when Blake’s bigmouth gal pal Amber Tamblyn, Blake’s “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” co-star, leaked on national TV that she had once lapped Lively’s lactations!

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Said My Salivating Source: “Amber made Andy Cohen drink her breast milk from a bottle — then dropped the bombshell on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ that she herself had sipped her bestie Blake’s breast milk!

When Ryan heard that revelation, he pouted like a baby until Blake — the mother of their two daughters, James and Ines — blasted him with a mouthful of shut-up-and-grow-up!”

Suck on that!