Mike Walker

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively’s Big Sex Secret

One of Hollywood's hottest couples has bedroom rules!

ryan reynolds blake lively secret
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Here’s hot scoop-de-doo, gossip couples: super-secret celebrity sex rules used ONLY during huggy-kissy interludes scheduled just twice weekly to titillate your private lives, straight from tattletale pals of Ryan Reynolds and stunner Blake Lively, often judged Hollywood’s hottest couple!

Rule 1: NEVER sneak below the belt without mutual agreement.

Rule 2: NO touchy-feely wandering above the belt.

Now here’s their steamy, sex-alicious, never-fail technique!

Said a close pal of the pair: “Ryan and Blake’s sexy secret keeps their bedroom booming … they strictly schedule just TWO 15-minute kissing-only on-the-mattress dates a week, sticking strictly to these cruel rules: NO touchy-feely wandering, NO nudity below the belt — and BIG BANG is totally forbidden!

The couple says this strict routine gets them so lust- crazy and excited they just can’t wait to stoke their smoldering fires on days when they’re finally free to burn, baby, BURN!”