Mike Walker

Roseanne Barr Frightening Timid ABC Execs

Suits weirded out by star's blond-streaked 'do!

roseanne barr battles network executives
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Mike Walker Reports… Are TV execs ever happy?

Even though they’ve revived mega-hitcom “Roseanne” and are already greedily counting big bucks as the show enters production in October, bitchy/bossy Roseanne Barr’s timid honchos keep tearing out their roots!

It seems the suits are too terrified of Rosie to demand that she blow out her own platinum locks!

Giggled My Hairy Sitcom Spy: “The execs are dying for Rosie to dye already — ditching her bleach-streaked tresses and reverting to Bitchy Brunette!

John Goodman Yo-Yo Dieting Himself To Death!

But no one dares tell her because they don’t want ‘Granny’ grumpy before cameras roll!”

Note to Weasels: Ms. Rosie and Mikey (aka, me!) were kinda pals back in the day, when she starred me sporadically on her TV specials, so let me make this easy for you all … now she knows!

And how was your week?