Mike Walker

Roseanne Barr Gunning For Top Scientologist Tom Cruise

Tom's creepy peeps refuse to leave her daughter alone!

roseanne barr tom cruise scientology
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Mike Walker Reports…  Years back, I affectionately labeled Tom Cruise “My Favorite Alien,” but quit when he went all cult-y, metamorphosing into Scientology’s “Top Gun” Poster Boy!

But today, Tom’s made a truly tough-ass enemy: Roseanne Barr!

Rosey’s warning him and his clown posse of Asinine Aliens to immediately cease targeting the comedian’s adult daughter, writer Jenny Pentland!

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Revealed My Scientology Spy: “Jenny, who’s 41, recently flipped out on social media, bitching she’s begged Cruise’s Cult Creepos to stop hounding her.”

The piches have been coming, my spy said, “Since Mama Roseanne signed her up for a Scientology course 22 years ago. They’re unendingly relentless!”

Said Jenny: ‘Despite begging them more than 100 times to stop contacting me forever, they ruthlessly hound me with four harassing letters a week!’