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Robin Williams — How The Doomed Comic Comforted A Stranger

A lasting fan in his final days!

robin williams suicide death tribute
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Robin Williams comforted a heartbroken widow whose husband had just committed suicide — years before the desperately depressed “Mork & Mindy” comic legend hanged himself in a closet in his California home.

Lawyer Kate Osher says Robin rushed to her aid back in 2002, after she broke down in L.A.’s airport because officers wouldn’t let her take her husband’s ashes through security.

“Miss, I just want to be sure you are okay,” the “Mrs. Doubtfire” star said. He reminded her that while she was in pain, she had people who loved her.

When Robin left, “he gave me a huge, warm bear hug with his famously hairy arms,” she recalls. “That moment saved me.”

Sadly, Robin would later commit suicide at the age of 62 in August 2014 — convinced he had an unknown mental disease that was linked to his lifelong addiction battle. His autopsy confirmed he was secretly suffering from dementia.