Robin Williams’ Widow Is Dishing The Dirt

Robin williams short

Robin Williams’ grieving children are bracing for a shocking blabber-mouth book about their father — from his widow!

And the livid kids have vowed to stop the tell-all project from being released!

“There’s already very bad blood between the children and Susan,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“They just spent months in a bitter court battle over Robin’s $50 million estate that was finally settled last month.

“However, Susan is claiming the kids forced her into the legal battle and is painting herself as the wronged widow.

“Frankly, the children wouldn’t be surprised if Susan isn’t already working on a book about Robin. But you can be sure they’ll do whatever they can to prevent it being published!”

Zak, 32, Zelda, 26, and Cody, 24 — Robin’s children from his previous two marriages — are furious that Susan broke her silence in TV interviews and made shocking revelations about his last days that they knew nothing about, added the insider.

Robin was secretly battling anxiety, depression and paranoia — and had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease just before he hung himself.

A few weeks before his suicide, the actor’s psychiatrist said it was time to consider inpatient treatment.

It wasn’t until Robin’s autopsy that Susan learned he was stricken with Lewy body dementia, a condition related to Alzheimer’s.

“If Robin was lucky, he would’ve had maybe three years left,” said Susan.

“And they would have been hard years ‚ and it’s a good chance he would’ve been locked up.”

Her shocking statements about Robin, 63, who was found hanged in his bedroom at his Tiburon, Calif. mansion on Aug. 11, 2014, stunned his children, say sources.

“They were in the dark about how bad things had gotten for him,” said a source.

“They only heard when Susan went on a media blitz talking about his last days.

“That’s why they fear a tell-all book is next!”

Graphic designer Susan, now 51, began dating Robin in March, 2009, just days before he underwent life-saving heart surgery in Cleveland, Ohio.

But despite seemingly being very much in love, his children “never warmed up” to her, and they believe their father “wasn’t truly happy,” said a friend.

“They worry Susan will present herself as the love of Robin’s life, who was the creative genius behind him and the only one who tried to save him during their five years together.

“The children believe she was very controlling.

“She came into his life before heart surgery, when he was most vulnerable emotionally. After two divorces, that cost him millions, he vowed never to marry again — then boom! He weds for the third time.

“They wonder what shocking secrets Susan might have got from him that she could use in a book — his deepest fears, his intimate confessions, his true feelings about his Hollywood colleagues. Were there other suicide attempts?

“She opened the door with her TV interviews, but Robin’s kids are ready to fight back.

“They won’t let anything tarnish their dad’s legacy!”