Robert Shapiro: I’ll Hire Kim Kardashian After She Passes the Bar

‘I think she’ll be a sensational lawyer!’

Robert Shapiro: I'll Hire Kim Kardashian After She Passes the Bar
Instagram; Getty Images

Kim Kardashian hasn’t even earned her law degree yet, but she’s already gotten a job offer. Robert Shapiro told TMZ on Thursday, April 18, that he’d hire the reality star.

“Once she passes the bar, she’ll always have a job at my law firm! I think she’ll be a sensational lawyer,” gushed the 76-year-old lawyer, who, along with Kardashian’s late dad, Robert Kardashian Sr., was part of the legal “Dream Team” that successfully defended O.J. Simpson in the athlete’s murder trial in the ‘90s. “Look at what she did with the president of the United States! She got somebody out of jail!”

The social media mogul was instrumental in getting Alice Marie Johnson released from prison in June 2018. The 63-year-old had been behind bars for 21 years after being sentenced to life for a non-violent drug charge. Kardashian pulled some strings with the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump to get a meeting with the commander in chief. A week after meeting with him, Donald Trump commuted Johnson’s sentence.

Kardashian first revealed her plans for a career in law in her May cover story for Vogue. She explained in the interview that she started a four-year apprenticeship last year with a firm in San Francisco, and is planning to take the California bar exam in 2022. (The state is one of four that doesn’t require aspiring lawyers to attend law school in order to take the bar.)

She further explained in an Instagram post on April 15 that she is already “preparing to take the baby bar” as she wraps up her first year of studies, and will be doing a minimum of 18 hours of work a week, along with monthly written and multiple choice tests to make her dream come true.  Kardashian then tweeted on April 17 that she had “aced” her torts test.

While she may be doing well with her studies, Shapiro predicts it won’t be a smooth ride. “It’s going to be a difficult and long process for her, doing it the way she’s doing it,” he said, noting that Kardashian told him a year ago about her plans to study law. “She’s serious about it and I hope she is successful. … I really only know one other person who was able to pass the bar in the way she’s doing it, without going to law school, doing it as a correspondent.”

As for the bar exam that looms large a few years down the line? “The overwhelming majority of people, they go to major law schools,” Shapiro pointed out. “The bar passage rate is about 50 percent, so it’s difficult.”

But seeing how Kardashian passed the torts exam with flying colors? Noted the lawyer of the star’s future in law: “It’s a great sign!”