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Rob Kardashian — Pee-leased To Be In Diapers!

The reality-show star has a real problem with incontinence!

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Rob Kardashian is happier than a baby since hooking up with sex bomb Blac Chyna, and the 28-year-old is even wearing adult diapers!

Insiders told The National ENQUIRER the Kardashian clan “reject,” who’s overweight and struggling with diabetes, started using incontinence pads after having a ton of “accidents.”

“Before his diabetes diagnosis, Rob had a bunch of accidents. He was also getting up almost every hour during the night to pee,” a pal revealed. “He hit on the insane idea of wearing a diaper, and says it worked!”

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The diapers were a lifesaver during his recent 26-hour drive to Texas to “rescue” Blac, 27, following her felony drug bust, added the friend.

“If Rob hadn’t had that extra protection, he would have had to stop constantly,” dished our snitch.

“It shows how low things have sunk for Rob. Smoking pot is only making it worse — because Rob gets so lazy, he literally can’t be bothered to get up from the couch to go to the bathroom!

“It’s terrible for someone of his age to be in this predicament, but Rob’s in no position to be making normal choices!”