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Richard Dreyfuss ‘Broke’ After Years As ‘Spoiled Movie Star’

Snorted up some of his biggest paychecks!

richard dreyfuss broke drugs scandals
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Richard Dreyfuss starred in over a dozen hit flicks — including “Jaws,” “The Goodbye Girl,” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” — only to join the ranks of broke stars by blowing his celebrity net worth on drugs and partying!

Now the Oscar-winning actor is broke and working up a storm at age 70 — with a recent big-screen role in “Book Club,” and eight other projects slated for this year.

“I can’t retire,” complained the “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” star.

“I’m broke. I’ve worked for money a great deal recently, because I’ve had to.”

Married to third wife Svetlana Erokhin since 2006 — and a dad of three grown kids with first wife Jeramie Rain — Dreyfuss attempted to give up acting in 2004.

Soon after, the bipolar star realized he’d blown through his dough!

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Richard celebrated his earlier success by turning into a a cocaine-snorting party boy, and ended up in rehab after he was found with a drug stash when he crashed his car in 1984.

About that time, writer Jessica Teich was a college grad working for him on a TV project, and has brought Richard into the #MeToo Movement by accusing him of sexually harassing her over a two- to three-year period.

Dreyfuss denies her charges, but admits he was a “young spoiled movie star” who “spent too much” — and now has to work his butt off in his golden years!