Kurt Russell: ‘Princess Di Hid Away At Our Colorado Ranch!’

Only The ENQUIRER had the scoop on Goldie Hawn's royal secret!

Kurt Russell Goldie Hawn Princess Di

Princess Diana had some help in divorcing Prince Charles — thanks to Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn giving her a place to hide out!

But while Goldie officially denied having Di as a houseguest, The ENQUIRER had the scoop in 1997!

The actor dished on his part in Di’s palace split while promoting “The Hateful Eight.”

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“I did a movie called ‘Backdraft’ that there was a royal premiere of in London,” Kurt recalled, “and sat between Lady Di and Prince Charles — which was an interesting experience!”

Added the laughing film star: “Things weren’t going well!”

Kurt had picked up on a royal secret. “Backdraft” was released in 1991, and Diana and Prince Charles would separate the next year.

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A royal divorce takes some real work, though, and Kurt revealed how he and longtime love Goldie opened up their Colorado spread to a beleagured Princess Diana.

“[Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York], who Goldie knows, worked it out,” recalled Kurt.

“I guess Diana wanted to go with the boys, and so they were welcome — and they came and stayed for 10 days at the ranch, and they had a good time.”

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The ENQUIRER later revealed that Princess Di had been hiding out with Kurt, as a palace insider talking about the royal’s love for America said: “She enjoyed staying at Goldie Hawn’s sprawling ranch in Colorado!”

Kurt added that Di also showed her famous love for the common folk.

“Our housekeeper Bonnie became very close with her,” he said, “and, every Christmas, she’d get a nice Christmas card from Diana!”