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Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Royally Dirty Board Games

Kinky secrets of Windsor Castle

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Mike Walker Reports… Endlessly lovable lovebirds Prince William and Kate Middleton chortled to very-close friends they should try their newest fun pastime — “Private Fun ‘N’ Games Date Night!”

And in a surprising twist, the randy royal antics feature a sexy (and spanky) version of Strip Monopoly!

Said my royal spy, Lord Knows: “It’s one game Wills does not mind losing! Kate literally beats his pants off every time — but Wills insists he never ends up a sore loser…because there’s always a happy ending!”

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One of Kate’s tricks is hand-writing new “Chance” and “Community Chest” fantasy cards with fun picks including “Blindfold partner and stroke in various places with a feather,” or “Massage partner’s body part of choice for five minutes!”

So it’s best to have a timer handy — and if you use devices that vibrate or buzz, be sure to stash extra batteries!
Some additional tips from Lord Knows: “Wear something comfortable, a robe or nightgown — or play royally naked!

And if you land on a railroad, Wills’ favorite, hop aboard and ride astride your partner hooting: ‘Choo-CHOO!’”