Beloved Returns!

Paul McCartney Claims Linda Came Back As A Squirrel

Says his late bride wanted 'to give me a sign!'

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Paul McCartney believes his late wife Linda was reincarnated as a white squirrel!

The legendary former Beatle was mourning Linda — who died in 1998 — when he felt she came back to visit him.

“When you are grieving like that, you see little things, and you know you’re reading into it, but you allow yourself to read into it,” Paul said.

“I was in the country and I saw a white squirrel. It was Linda, come back to give me a sign.

“Obviously, I have no proof it was her — but it was good for me to think that!”

In unrelated news, the rock legend also revealed he once got so high on a psychedelic drug in the ’60s that he saw God.