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Olivia Newton-John Turns To Pot In Cancer Battle

Squeaky-clean songbird hoping for a marijuana miracle!

Olivia Newton-John
Getty Images

Olivia Newton-John has gone to pot — using her own homegrown marijuana to fight the killer breast cancer that has spread to her lower back!

The 68-year-old “Grease” star is relying on cannabis oil to battle the deadly disease, which resurfaced earlier this year after first striking her in 1992.

“She’s using it,” reveals Olivia’s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi. “She’s doing really, really well. It’s an amazing plant. It inhibits cancer cell growth.”

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The “Hopelessly Devoted to You” singer has also been using “kitten therapy” — watching frolicking felines as a feel-good cure-all — and is undergoing photon radiation therapy.

“We are not TRYING to be positive,” says her husband, John Easterling. “We both have the same unshakable belief . . . an absolute knowingness that we can turn this around.”