O.J. Simpson Was Bill Cosby’s Drug Dealer!

The shamed athlete — and Playboy Mansion pal — supplied him with knockout drugs!

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O.J. Simpson and Bill Cosby are twin devils!

Years before O.J.’s ex Nicole Brown was brutally slain in 1994, she confessed he’d once brutally “date raped” her.

Now, The National ENQUIRER has learned the imprisoned ex-football star supplied Quaaludes to his pal Cosby, who’s confessed to giving women the drug for sexual encounters!

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“O.J.’s admitted behind bars that he ‘hooked up’ Cosby with ‘ludes’ back in the good old days,” a snitch in the Nevada jail where “The Juice” is serving time for armed robbery told The ENQUIRER.

“He actually laughs about it, saying, ‘Now we know what Bill did with all those pills!’

“O.J. claims he had no idea that Cosby was using the pills to dope women — only that he was doing Bill a favor. O.J. was a big coke head back then and because of his connections had no trouble scoring pills for Bill.”

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Cosby’s lawyers have repeatedly denied the claims of dozens of women who said he drugged and attacked them from 1965 — one year after he married wife Camille — to 2008.

But The ENQUIRER has learned O.J. and Cosby became fast friends after meeting at the famed Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills, Calif., in the early 1980s.

“They were both regulars at Hugh Hefner’s legendary parties,” a source divulged. “They played tennis together, too, and O.J. was occasionally a ‘wingman’ for Bill when he went night-crawling in Hollywood.

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“As TV’s most famous dad, Bill couldn’t exactly go to a street corner and buy dope from dealers. Over the years, he got drugs from ‘Dr. Feelgoods’ he knew and celebrity buds like O.J.”

The ENQUIRER caught the creeps partying together in 1986 when both were tuxedoed groomsmen at the wedding of Cosby’s then TV wife, Phylicia Ayers-Allen, to former NFL star Ahmad Rashad.

Now with O.J.’s admission, it’s possible cops could investigate the link between the two rats, said the source.

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“It’s even possible O.J. could get another 10 years for supplying drugs to Cosby if it turns out they were used in a specific sex attack,” added the source. “And if Bill ever faces charges in Nevada, they could even end up inmates together!”