O.J. Simpson Prison Nazi Nightmare


O.J. Simpson squared off with a Nazi skinhead over the celeb’s inflated ego — as revealed in a new book that elaborates on The ENQUIRER’s exclusive coverage of the disgraced football champ’s near-fatal encounter!

Radar Online has gotten a first take on the rest of the story, as told by former prison guard Jeffrey Felix in the upcoming book, “Guarding the Juice.

Jeffery is spilling plenty of dirt about his years at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center, where O.J. developed a dependence on the prison guard.

Radar has the exclusive on how Felix intervened to keep O.J. from getting killed or endangering his parole after angering the member of the Aryan Nation in the prison cafeteria.

“The Juice cuts in front of the line,” Felix told Radar, before revealing the rest of the story about how he kept O.J. from getting cut in return!