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Muhammad Ali Family Feud Over $50 Million Fortune

Boxing legend tormented in final years over fighting!

Muhammad Ali and daughter
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Muhammad Ali and daughter

Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74 while tormented by a vicious family feud!

Muhammad Ali Jr., the famed athlete’s only natural son, told The National ENQUIRER that Ali’s wife of nearly 30 years kept his nine children from seeing their Parkinson’s-stricken father.

Ali Jr. had said in late 2014 that he and his siblings – not his dad’s longtime wife Lonnie – should have overseen their father’s care, and declared that he wanted go to court to fight for visitation rights, as well as conservatorship of their ailing dad.

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“I can only speak for myself, but we don’t get to see my father as much as we’d like to. We’re considering taking legal action,” Ali Jr. said in an exclusive interview.

Instead, Ali Jr. was cut off from his family. He hadn’t spoken to his father for two years before the champion’s death— and now lives in near-poverty!

“I don’t discuss my father to my sisters about anything,” he said. “I don’t really care anymore about being cut off from the family.”

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Ali Jr.’s claims, however, echoed comments that had also been made by his heartbroken brother Rahman, who told The ENQUIRER that Lonnie – whom he once called “evil” – was draining Ali’s million fortune and keeping him “a prisoner in his own home.”

A statement from the champ’s family to The ENQUIRER in 2014 said: “The allegations made by Muhammad Ali Jr. concerning Lonnie Ali are completely false. Muhammad’s children have always visited their father as their and his schedule allow … the Ali Family feel that Muhammad Jr. is being manipulated to make false claims to the media, possibly for monetary gain.”

But now insiders are already predicting a new massive brawl over Ali’s fortune — with the champ leaving behind nine children after four marriages!