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Muhammad Ali Dead At 74 — The Tragic Final Fight

Boxing legend spent final years having lost his famous voice!

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Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali is dead at the age of 74 — just hours after reported that the beloved boxing champ’s condition had dramatically deteriorated!

Insiders told Radar that Ali’s vitals were “terrible” on the evening of Friday, June 3, shortly before he passed away in a Phoenix, Ariz.-area hospital.

The National ENQUIRER already revealed last year that Ali had tragically become practically immobile. — after “The Greatest” had battled Parkinson’s disease for 35 years.

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In 2014, The ENQUIRER reported that the champ had lost the ability to speak as a result of his decades-long battle.

“His health has been declining rapidly this past year,” a pal 

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Another friend who had recently visited the onetime “Mouth That Roared” was shocked at his condition.

“His lips quivered, but no words came out,” said the friend. “It was like he had been struck dumb.

“At times his lips would twitch as he stared straight ahead. At times his head went limp and just hung there. It was all so, so sad.”