Mother Arrested After Children OD: ‘Didn’t Want Them Anyway!’

Horrified cops charge Pittsburgh woman with drugging her kids!

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A deranged mother allegedly force-fed her two sons a potent prescription drug — and sent them off to overdose at their elementary school!

Pittsburgh mother Samantha Brown was arrested after her 8-and 9-year-old sons collapsed while frothing at the mouth and in desperate need of emergency care!

Officials this week increased the bond for Brown on multiple charges, after allegedly telling disgusted cops that she “didn’t want the kids anyway!”

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Officials increased Brown’s bond to $500,000 after finding that she’d reached out to the boys from jail, among other circumstances. The criminal complaint says she gave her children Klonopin — a drug used to treat epilepsy and panic disorders — before sending them to school on March 1.

The 8-year-old boy was found “laid out on the floor unresponsive,” according to the complaint. “The floor was full of vomit, and he was foaming at the mouth.”

As the principal attended to the stricken child, Brown also received word that his 9-year-old brother was also gravely ill, officials said.

The child “was being held up by two instructional coaches and was foaming at the mouth,” according to the complaint. “He was not vomiting, but was dazed.”

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The boys were rushed to a local Children’s Hospital, where Brown met police and “provided multiple accounts of what happened to her children” — all of which the cops wrote off as “not viable.”

The boys told school officials that their mother “made them take Klonopin” that morning. They still had several pills in their possession when emergency medical technicians arrived.

Brown faces a laundry list of charges that include endangering the welfare of children, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.