Pretty In Isolation!

Molly Ringwald’s Real-Life Lonely Teen Years

Dateless star sat alone at home!

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“Breakfast Club” cutie Molly Ringwald confessed she wasn’t the most popular girl in school — and spent most of the time wishing she had friends!

Although the strawberry blonde Brat Packer was one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars, after finishing her first movie, “Tempest,” in 1982 she showed up to seventh grade two months late.

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“All of my friends had abandoned me,” Molly said.

“I had no friends at all, which was very, very painful. I felt completely isolated.”

Amazingly, boys kept their distance, too!

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“Boys were always too shy to come up to me. If I wanted to go out with anyone, I always had to make the first move,” the beauty said.

“I don’t think, in my entire life, anyone has ever made the first move.”