Punch Drunk?

Rambling Mickey Rourke’s Confusing TV Appearance

Actor struggled for words and slurred his speech.

Inset of Interview withMickey Rourke Wearing Cowboy Hat
GMB/ITV; Shutterstock

Punchy Mickey Rourke’s bizarre appearance on Good Morning Britain has friends and fans fearing the ex-boxer has taken too many blows to the head!

When Mickey was asked about his new film, Night Walk, he looked surprised and said, “What movie?”

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The 67-year-old struggled for words and slurred his speech when asked about the film’s subject matter of white supremacist prison gangs and said, “It was a really good experience.”

Host Piers Morgan asked about being back on top after his Oscar-nominated performance in 2008’s The Wrestler and the actor said, “I never felt like I was back on top.”

Picture of Piers Morgan ITV Interview With Mickey Rourke

Photo: GMB/ITV

Mickey was finally cut off after his rambling answers continued to baffle the hosts.

“People are worried he’s off his rocker,” a source said. “People are concerned for his well-being.”