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Michael Strahan: Ruffling Feathers At ABC

Vacation more important than covering hurricane!

Michael Strahan
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Michael Strahan has drawn the ire of executives at ABC — for not cutting his european vacation short to contribute to covering the carnage left by Hurricane Harvey!

The former football star, who is also a native of Houston, has “Good Morning America” staffers in a state of disbelief over his decision to stay on his yacht rather than head to his hometown to help report on the worst natural disaster to ever hit the Lone Star State.

“ABC News asked Strahan to come home from his vacation. He’s from Houston. But he refused and is still floating around on a yacht in Greece somewhere,” said a source. “ABC is really upset with him.”

Strahan chose instead to lend his support via Twitter by tweeting from thousands of miles away — “To my hometown of Houston and everyone there . . . I Love You and am praying for your safety. ­H-TOWN LOVE!”

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“They did not ask him to come back,” claimed a rep for the “$100,000 Pyramid” host. “He’s been in direct contact with his family and thankfully they are doing fine. He is headed there next week and will help in any way that he can.”

Looking worse for the former New York Giants star is his “GMA” colleague Robin Roberts voluntarily coming back from her summer vacation to lend a hand in reporting on all the heroic rescue and recovery efforts that have been taking place with the help of volunteers descending on the area.

The current death toll from Harvey is at 45 and is expected to climb as the cleanup continues in the devastated region.

Strahan will be reporting for duty on site in Southeast Texas next week for the popular morning show.