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Mayim Bialik: Brainy Star Cashes Her Checks Worth Pennies

Thrifty actress lets nothing go to waste!

mayim bialik big bang thrifty
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Mayim Bialik — who pulls in six figures for every episode of “The Big Bang Theory” — earned her Ph.D. in neuroscience, but she’s no slouch in the accounting department!

The thrifty former child star still cashes royalty checks for her appearance on “Doogie Howser, M.D.” — even though they’re worth just pennies!

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The 41-year-old shared a shot of her payment on social media, noting: “That’s right. GROSS was $0.02. NET to me: $0.01. . . . Every penny counts.”

The former “Blossom” star appeared in only one episode of the ’90s dramedy, opposite fellow future former-kid-star-jinx beater Neil Patrick Harris.