Courageous Kid!

Shirley Temple’s Hollywood Nightmare — Secrets Behind The Scenes

Chased by perverts and worked like a slave!

Shirley Temple was beloved as “America’s Sweetheart” — but the child star hid a slew of shocking Hollywood secrets behind her megawatt smile! Now, in a scoop you’ll only read here, The National ENQUIRER reveals how Shirley withstood years of abuse from studio honchos — not to mention her own father and her first husband. “She was extraordinary!” gushed her son Charles Black Jr. After getting her start in 1932 at the tender age of three, Shirley endured the rigors of Tinseltown’s twisted system for $25 a day, and paid an even higher price in happiness. Read on for the shocking tale of Old Hollywood, and click here for more tragic tales of modern child stars!