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Captured Drug Boss Ordered Execution Of Sean Penn — And Madonna

El Chapo’s thugs vowed to get revenge!

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AKM-GSI / Getty Images

Madonna was left living in absolute fear after her ex-hubby Sean Penn got them both marked for death — because the actor was blamed for the capture of Mexico’s demonic drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán!

Mexican authorities revealed Guzmán’s jungle meeting with the macho actor — who was playing reporter to interview the cocaine kingpin — was “essential” to the Jan. 8, 2016, arrest of the fugitive. Guzmán escaped Mexico’s toughest maximum security prison via a sophisticated mile-long tunnel engineered by his gang.

Former U.S. Customs Service Agent John A. Carman told The National ENQUIRER in Jan. 2016 that the murderous monster’s henchmen — notorious for chopping off rivals’ heads and sewing their faces on soccer balls — will surely seek bloody revenge against the “Dead Man Walking” star and Madonna, believing she was also in on his plans to huddle with Guzmán.

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“El Chapo’s associates are going to want payback for his arrest,” said Carman, who spent 16 years fighting Mexico border drug traffickers.

“They blame Sean and Madonna for bringing down the ‘most dangerous man in the world.’ That will mark them both for death.”

Amazingly, insiders said that Madonna might have even been called on to testify against Guzmán when Manhattan’s U.S. Attorney extradited and prosecuted El Chapo.

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“He plans to subpoena Sean Penn’s cell phone, and the records will reveal whether Madonna had prior knowledge of Sean’s meeting,” said the source, who warned: “Getting back with Sean may have been the kiss of death!”