Mackenzie Bezos Gets Even! Cheating Billionaire Jeff’s Wife Has Upper Hand In Explosive Divorce

“She’ll be the richest woman on the planet!”

Jeff Bezos Ex Mackenzie Gets Even
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The scorned wife of two-timing billionaire Jeff Bezos has maintained a wall of silence during the very public and humiliating cheating scandal exposed by The National ENQUIRER — but behind the scenes, she may be plotting to hit the cad with both barrels!

MacKenzie Bezos, 48, is described as a brainy Princeton University graduate who’s in full control of her sleazy husband’s future and $144 billion fortune — because the two have no prenup!

“She’ll be the richest woman on the planet!” a source said, referring to her estimated $72 billion divorce payoff.

The world’s wealthiest couple married 25 years ago, have four children together and MacKenzie has been by Jeff’s side since the day he founded the e-commerce giant Amazon.

What’s more, one legal expert said the slew of incriminating photographs exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER, along with gushy text messages between Jeff and his luscious lover, Lauren Sanchez, make for a perfect divorce file!

jeff bezos divorce wife billions secrets scandal


According to renowned celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder, the evidence of Jeff’s cheating obtained by The ENQUIRER gives MacKenzie the upper hand in their divorce.

“He looked very comfortable and open, so it would suggest that the affair has been going on for a very long time. They didn’t just meet two nights ago,” Felder said, referring to The ENQUIRER photos. “There is an element of deception here,” Felder added. “It’s the end of the road for the marriage. It’s gone too far. It’s too public and many people know about it. There is also the humiliation factor!”

The Amazon boss has hired Gavin de Becker and Associates — the L.A.–based firm known for its black ops– level security, detective work and expertise in helping to bury scandals.

The company’s A-list clients include Madonna, John Travolta and the Kardashians.

“Gavin de Becker and his firm will know everything,” the source said. “He’s the man Jeff’s turning to for help.” So far, the Bezos have publicly claimed they plan to remain friendly, but a snitch told The ENQUIRER: “MacKenzie’s maintaining a dignified silence in public, but behind closed doors she holds all the cards! She can get whatever she wants.”