Lovelorn Katie Holmes Wasting Away!

Suri Fears For Mom As She Falls To Pin-Thin 91 lbs.!

Lovelorn Katie Holmes Wasting Away - Suri Cruise Fears For Mom
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Heartbroken and stressed out, Katie Holmes has wasted away to a frightening 91 pounds and desperate daughter Suri Cruise is begging her mother to eat, sources dished.

The former Dawson’s Creek cutie, 41, is on a fanatical mission to slim down and relaunch her floundering modeling career after her humiliating split from Jamie Foxx in May, said tipsters who fear the scary-skinny star has taken things too far!

“Katie is eating little more than celery sticks and lettuce with a handful of seeds and nuts thrown in,” spilled a concerned insider.

“She can’t be taking in more than 500 calories a day and her clothes are hanging off her wire-hanger frame!”

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Though healthy Katie ran the 2007 New York City Marathon in five hours and 29 minutes, sources said short walks now leave her wheezing and energy-sapped!

“She gets out of breath very quickly now, and under her makeup she’s gaunt and gray,” snitched the insider.

Sources said twiggy Katie has been hell-bent on dropping even more weight to compete for high-end campaigns with top designers — and is especially concerned because her bestie Zac Posen shut down his label in November after she’d previously starred in his fall fashion launch.

“Katie was counting on Zac, and now she needs to go out and find new accounts — which means more pressure,” the insider blabbed.

“She’s also convinced herself her acting career is going nowhere!” According to sources, shattered Katie, whose rep denied our story, has also been battling self-esteem issues since she and Jamie ended their six-year relationship. The skirt-chasing stud has since been spotted with a string of glamorous gals!

“She really thought they were going to get married, and now she feels like a world-class fool,” the insider snitched. “Her confidence has been crushed, and she’s overcompensating with all this crazy dieting!”

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Katie’s weight loss has so scared Suri — her daughter with ex-husband Tom Cruise — the teen has been baking her cookies and cakes, which the calorie-counter refuses to eat, sources claimed.

“Suri is only 13, but she’s old enough to realize if her mom doesn’t put on weight and gain more energy, she might collapse,” a source said.

And a doctor consulted by The National ENQUIRER agrees! “She looks absolutely scrawny,” said weight loss specialist Dr. Stuart Fischer, author of The Park Avenue Diet, who has not treated Katie.

“She shows the signs of someone who has lost far too much weight — and she’s taking in fewer calories than her body needs. If she’s not eating enough, she will end up with low potassium that can cause life-threatening heart disturbances. Suri is right to be concerned!”