Fans Fight Crime!

How TV’s Supergirl Busted Fugitive Crooks

Laura Vandervoort saves the day!

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An international identity theft ring that victimized thousands of people has come crashing down — thanks to Supergirl and a “Smallville”-loving G-Man!

Authorities nabbed two people in Virginia and two in Georgia on June 16 in conjunction with the highly sophisticated, million-dollar operation, which involved stealing identities and applying for high-balance credit cards.

The sprawling business extended to India, Thailand and Britain — as well as to the U.S.A.!

But it was a snapshot of Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort, known for her roles as Supergirl on “Smallville” and a villainess on the new “Supergirl,” that helped bag the baddies!

An FBI agent who loves “Smallville” recognized Laura’s photo on a fake passport the scammers used to back up their spending — and the feds used it to track and crack the crooks!