Mike Walker

Larry David’s ‘Seinfeld’ Toilet Humor

HBO comic keeps a memento from NBC in his can!

Larry david curb your enthusiasm
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Mike Walker Reports… Larry David loves bragging about his snazzy home crapper — insisting it features Hollywood’s most side-splitting sitdown comedy bit ever!

It’s a document starring tight-ass TV execs predicting that ratings for his newly created “Seinfeld” show sucked…and Jerry Seinfeld was doomed to take a whopping dump!

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Revealed My Toilet Tattler: “There’s never doom and gloom in Larry’s john, which features the stupidly hilarious document he hung on the wall after star pal/co-creator Jerry showed him lame-ass network focus-testing documents from the show’s debut — just before ratings skyrocketed!”

Laughed the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star: “The stats were a total load of crap, which is why we ended up hanging them in the crapper!”