Bad Joke!

Jerry Lewis: Roasted Over Sexism By ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Star

Offended Susie Essman boycotts Friars Club!

Jerry Lewis & Susie Essman

Comic Susie Essman has curbed her enthusiasm for Jerry Lewis

The funny gal, who plays Susie Greene on Larry David’s hit HBO sitcom, quit the famous Friars Club because of the comedy legend.

She slams Jerry, who was recently named the “Abbot” for the New York showbiz society, as a woman hater.

Jerry Lewis Turns 90 — And Working Till The End

When asked to name his favorite gal comic, he replied: “I don’t have any.”

Adds disgusted Susie: “He said Joan Rivers should drop dead two months before she actually did. I’m through with the Friars Club.”

That’s no joke.