Lamar Odom’s Ex Manager Vows to Sue Him

‘I refuse to let my integrity be questioned,’ said Zoul El Fassi

Lamar Odom Wearing Green Suit

Booted Dancing with the Stars hoofer Lamar Odom may be going from the dance floor to the courtroom after running out on his bills, has learned.

Zoul El Fassi, Odom’s former manager, said she plans to sue Odom for breach of contract and defamation after she worked for him over 18 months but never got paid.

“I would constantly inform Lamar repeatedly to pay his bills and loans he owes to people, including myself,” El Fassi said. “This is an issue he has never taken seriously and basically doesn’t care about agreements made with clients that have paid him upfront money.

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El Fassi said she temporarily turned off Lamar’s social media accounts as a tactic to try and make him pay up – subjecting her to the anger of Lamar and his new girlfriend Sabrina Parr.

“Disabling his social media was only a scare tactic so he could see I was serious about being compensated.
“Lamar knows I never had any confrontations with him unless he was untruthful regarding business deals and not doing right by the people that support him.”

However, Parr has claimed those who Lamar employed were actually taking advantage of the recovering addict – who was famously rushed to hospital in a coma in 2015 after overdosing on herbal highs at a legal brothel in Nevada.

Parr said: “When I met Lamar I was just so confused as to why certain people are in charge… he just didn’t have any control.

“And these people were in his life telling him what he was about to do, not getting approval to speak on his behalf.”

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El Fassi disagreed and claimed she never did anything without Odom’s approval. And El Fassi claimed Parr was behind her termination and now plans to claim in court that both of them closed deals without her involvement and consent.

“Lamar has chosen to discredit my character and integrity which is disgraceful and distasteful,” El Fassi said.

“I refuse to let my integrity be questioned. I have worked endless days and nights to clean up his image so he can obtain paid deals that represent him in a positive way.”

Lamar was voted off Dancing With The Stars on October 7.