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Lamar Odom’s Secret Kidnapping Horror

Goons grab hoopster over gambling debt!

Lamar Odom has blown through millions of dollars — and ended up getting himself kidnapped after a harebrained gambling scheme went wrong, The National ENQUIRER can reveal. The troubled ex-NBA star spent two days with his captors — after his girlfriend and her two-year-old daughter were terrorized at gunpoint! According to a source, the frightening incidents occurred in Portland, Ore., in June when rehabbed Lamar visited his then-girlfriend, Savanna Waldrop. Lamar told Savanna he wanted to gamble, but the former L.A. Laker was broke, so she borrowed a whopping $10,000 from shady locals!  Read on for details of Lamar’s bad bet, and click here for more news of celebrities tempted by odds….