Mike Walker

Kirk Douglas — Flirting Fine At 99

Movie star still has eyes for the ladies!

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Mike Walker Reports… Hope I’m still making girls giggle and blush when (and IF) I hit age 99 — but trust me when I tell you: Macho movie tough guy Kirk Douglas STILL scores like a badass with the babes!

Reported My Spartacus Spy: “I watched Kirk flirt up a storm during an LA doctor’s office visit, and he had beautiful young nurses, staffers — and female patients of all ages eating out of his hand!

“Flashing that famous sexy grin, the legendary star flirted up a storm and was totally outrageous — acting like a real naughty boy.

Michael Douglas — Looking Sickly At The Super Bowl!

“He’d say, ‘Oh, you’re so beautiful … and you’re so gorgeous!’ He had all the ladies in stitches when he said, ‘I’m almost 100, but I’m not dead yet! I have eyes — and I like what I see!

“If I wasn’t married, you’d all be in big trouble! You gals should have seen me in my prime! I was pretty darn hot … and wild!’

“The women just melted! We were all giggling like schoolgirls! Kirk was sooo cute and charming!”