Intruder Alert!

Kim Kardashian Busted By Cops Under Cover

Reality diva's incognito stroll alarms neighbors!

kim kardashian west tresspass busted

Kim Kardashian, for once seeking to avoid attention, found herself suddenly getting the wrong kind!

Going under the radar for a solo stroll near her Hidden Hills estate, the cloaked reality diva drew suspicious stares and glares from panicky neighbors, a tattler told The National ENQUIRER.

Neighbors feared the mysterious hooded figure might be a creepy trespasser — and screamed stranger danger!

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“Kim was roaming around her hoity gated hood in an oversized hoodie and baggy sweats, concealing her famous head and curvy figure,” said the source.

Alarmed snoops, who hate shady outsiders roaming their tree-lined streets, alerted security.

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“A patrol was sent to question Little Kim Riding Hood about why she seemed to be loitering near the Kardashian-Wests’ woods,” laughed the source.

“Confused Kim, who’s just about the most famous person on the planet, couldn’t believe her ears. She just said, ‘I’m Kim West — I live here!’”