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Khloé Kardashian Heartbreak As Baby Daddy Caught With Another Woman

Tristan Thompson parties as reality star ready to give birth!

khloe kardashian pregnant tristan thompson
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Khloé Kardashian is waiting in Cleveland to give birth to her first child with NBA star Tristan Thompson — who’s been filmed in a nightclub making out with another woman!

The UK’s Daily Mail showed the shocking footage of the Cleveland Cavaliers star out in a Manhattan nightclub on April 7.

Khloé, meanwhile, was still waiting to give birth to their child, with insiders even saying she’d agreed to Tristan’s demand that her reality-show clan would be kept out of the delivery room.

Tristan didn’t seem to be giving Khloé’s feelings much thought at the exclusive PH-D Lounge in NYC, however, with his team in town to play the New York Knicks.

The clubgoer who filmed the Mail‘s footage told the publication: “I was there, and he was on the table right next to us with a group of friends — and some girl who he was obviously making out with all night!”