Film Documenting JFK Assassination Mysteriously Disappears

Jfk shot square

Many people are convinced that the truth about who shot President John F. Kennedy and why has been covered up for 52 years — and now, adding to suspicions, a crucial piece of film evidence has simply vanished from the files of the federal government!

A Texas woman, Gayle Nix Jackson, is suing the feds to get back a film shot by her grandfather, Orville Nix, that shows part of the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination of JFK. She is seeking $10 million in compensation.

Orville gave the dramatic footage — which includes distraught first lady Jackie Kennedy climbing onto the trunk of the limousine, and brave Secret Service agent Clint Hill jumping onto the vehicle to protect the president — to the UPI news service the day after the murder with the understanding that the film would be returned to the family after 25 years.

However, the film was given to the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald, the purported gunman. The commission concocted the “magic bullet” theory to account for the president’s death and decided Oswald acted alone — though many suspect there was a second gunman — then quickly closed up shop.

And that’s where the trail goes cold.

No one at any government office will cop to holding Orville’s amazing film footage now.

Gayle believes the clip is held by the National Archives and Records Administration, where much of the evidence from the official inquiry was sent for warehousing, but her lawsuit claims the agency told her it does not have the film.

The film was shot from Dealey Plaza and shows Abraham Zapruder — who filmed the most famous movie footage of the assassination — across the street, Gayle said. Also visible is the so-called “grassy knoll,” the spot from which some witnesses claimed to have heard at least one shot. That theory is supported by some shocking evidence from Kennedy’s autopsy.

“I don’t understand the loss of evidence like this,” Gayle complained, calling it incomprehensible that the government could lose “an important piece of historical evidence.”

Could Orville’s film reveal something or someone that blows holes in the official story of JFK’s death, compelling persons unknown to suppress or even destroy the movie? Until the footage surfaces again, it is impossible to deny.