Blockbuster secrets about President John F. Kennedy’s autopsy revealed by doctors who treated  America’s dying Commander-in-Chief 51 years ago in Dallas.

A sensational special report reveals the physicians’ riveting minute-by-minute accounts of the mortally wounded leader’s final moments – and their charge that the government’s verdict on Kennedy’s death is WRONG!

The shattering disclosures by medics at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital include a bombshell claim Kennedy had a bullet entry wound in the front of his neck – disputing the Warren commission’s verdict that he was shot from behind.

Famed forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht says the truth would’ve been made abundantly clear in the immediate aftermath of the assassination, if secret service agents didn’t insist on breaking the law by removing Kennedy’s body from Dallas before an autopsy could be performed.

If the post-mortem had been conducted by Dallas county Medical examiner Dr. Earl Rose instead of by doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, the results would have shut down many of the conspiracy theories that have sprung up, Wecht says.

“Dr. Rose would have found out precisely how many shots entered JFK, from what direction they came, and whether they exited his body or remained inside,” the CSI expert divulged.

“That information would have been turned over to local police and prosecutors for proper processing and an eventual trial of the killer or killers.”

BUT incredibly, Texas coroners were not allowed to perform the autopsy! Instead, secret service agents spirited the body away at gunpoint for an autopsy performed under the control of the federal government and new President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Four Parkland doctors, experts in gunshot wounds who saw JFK before he was given a tracheostomy, believe a terrible injury to the politician’s neck was caused by a bullet entering, not leaving, his body.

Parkland’s Dr. Jim Carrico says he saw a hole in Kennedy’s neck “just to the right” where a breathing tube had been inserted "And certainly where his collar should have been.”

Their disclosures in the book “We Were There: Revelations from the Dallas Doctors Who Attended to JFK on November 22, 1963” fly in the face of the official conclusion of the Warren Commission report.

It says the President was shot from behind by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, who fired as the motorcade passed the Texas school Book Depository building overlooking Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.

The doctors’ statements also support eyewitnesses who claim to have seen a gunman fire from a grassy knoll near the parade route and the Zapruder film, which some investigators say proves a bullet came from the front.

Flat-lined from onset the book by Dr. Allen Childs details the gripping accounts of 46 doctors who battled in vain to save JFK and provides chilling testimony about his final moments.

The doctors reveal Kennedy had a wound the size of a grapefruit in his head with a large mass of bone and scalp missing, along with an entry wound in the front of the neck.

Dr. Robert Duchouquette witnessed the frenzied efforts to save the life of JFK as he was wheeled into Parkland’s Trauma Room 1 on an ambulance gurney. “As soon as he was placed from the gurney onto the emergency table, it was obvious from his ghastly head wound that he was DOA and…there was no hope of restoring his life,” he says.

“He was fat-lined from the onset. However, the official word went out that physicians were working toward that end, and it was erroneously reported by the press that he was alive for 35 minutes after his fatal wound.”

President Johnson, accused of masterminding THE MURDER used the delay in the death announcement to board Air Force One.

Carrico, the first physician to see JFK, reported only slow breathing and occasional heartbeats were detectable. There was no pulse or blood pressure.

Two external wounds were noted — one in the neck and one that shredded JFK’s brain tissue.

“He still had breathing and he still had some heartbeat,” recalls Carrico. “He had a terrible looking wound.

“The first thought I had was the President’s had it. I mean, he’s not going to make it.

“Second is, we’ve got to do something. We can’t just let the President die. Third thought was…what if we get him alive and then he’s a vegetable?

“When we looked this wound in the side of his head, a great big wound. It was about as big it with my hand (grapefruit size) A big chunk of bone and scalp missing.

“That wound certainly looked like an exit wound. Wounds go in, wounds go out…this where a bullet (side of head)

 “The only wounds we saw were this wound here (center of neck) and this big hole here (side of head).”

The doctors, who were frantically trying to restore JFK’s breathing, never turned him over so the wounds in his shoulder and back were not readily apparent. When a nurse took off Kennedy’s clothes, Carrico saw a hole “just to the right of the trachea.”

The Secret Service threw a tight security net over the area as doctors worked on their boss.

Dr. William Zedlitz recalls being confronted by an agent holding a rapid-fire weapon at his waist when he went to the ER. He was asked if he was a doctor and was escorted into Trauma Room 1.

He recalls the President’s “left eye seemed to be slightly bulging also, as if there had been a great deal of pressure intra-cranially.

“The large area in the back of the head on the right was spongy and covered with matted hair and blood.

“I would feel a crackling as I touched the area like the bones were in pieces. This is much like a hardboiled egg that has been dropped and the shell shattered but still held together by the tissue in the egg and you can feel the pieces of shell grating against one another.”

Dr. Riyad Taha remembered seeing JFK’s “brain tissue” all over First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s clothes.

“A bullet apparently exploded in his brain,” he says, “and there was no way we could resuscitate… Everyone was very sad.”

Neurosurgeon Dr. William Kemp Clark recalled the massive head wound, saying, “My God, the whole right side of his head is shot off. We’ve got nothing to work with.”

"His brains are all over the table.” Jackie overheard him. She had tried to enter Trauma Room 1, and the Secret Service attempted to hold her back. She broke free telling them, “I’m just as competent as you are.”

Dr. Clark concluded, “There’s nothing more to be done” and pronounced the President dead at 1 p.m., just 25 minutes after he was wheeled into the ER.

Says Carrico, “The decision was made to not actually pronounce the President dead until after the priest had come in and given him the Last Rites.”