Vigilant Mom!

Miranda Kerr Throws Drug Ring Around Katy Perry!

Tells her ex Orlando to keep the kids clean!

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Miranda Kerr has issued an edict to ex-husband Orlando Bloom — “Keep Katy Perry away from our kid!”

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The supermodel, 33, is livid over recent photos that show pop diva Katy puffing on pot!

“She told Orlando that Katy will not be allowed to be near 5-year-old Flynn unless she signs an agreement stating she will not ever have drugs, cigarettes or alcohol on her person when near their son — and will not drink or smoke within 48 hours of seeing him,” a source revealed!

“She also can’t be photographed drinking or smoking and (must) submit to random drug tests!

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The source added: “If she doesn’t agree, Miranda will seek a legal injunction to prevent Katy from spending any time with Flynn!”