Taylor Swift Sends A Warning To Miranda Kerr!

Miranda kerr akm gsi getty

Taylor Swift has a message for model Miranda Kerr: “Your boyfriend is bad news!”

The “Shake It Off” singer dated billionaire Evan Spiegel, 25, in early 2014, and is bitter that the Snapchat CEO dumped her by text.

“She wanted Miranda to know Evan is a womanizer and was seeing other girls behind her back when they were dating,” said a source.

Miranda, 32, got the message and called Taylor to hear more about the man she’s been dating since July.

“They talked on the phone for a long time, and Miranda was fascinated to hear that Taylor believes that Evan’s just dating her to boost his image,” the source added. “Taylor’s convinced that Miranda will be Evan’s next ‘love ’em and leave ’em lady,’ and she’s got Miranda worried she might be right!”