Showers Expected!

Kathie Lee Gifford Makes Craig Ferguson Clean Up For Love Scenes

'Today' host insists on sweet-between-the-sheets costars!

kathie lee gifford craig ferguson movie
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Kathie Lee Gifford had a ball shooting steamy love scenes for her new rom-com movie, “Love Me to Death,” with her manly, handpicked leading hunkCraig Ferguson!

But before any on-camera hanky-panky heated up the highlands, the finicky “Today” chatterbox insisted her Scottish rogue was clean as a whistle … with neatly shaped bristle!

“There was a rare summer heat wave in usually cool Scotland for about three weeks, where they were shooting … and Craig can get a little scruffy around the edges if left to his own devices,” a backstage blab giggled to The National ENQUIRER.

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“Before they even arrived, Craig sent her a video message,” the source continued, “but Kath thought he looked like he could use a shower!

“So on set, KLG — who likes her men freshly showered and neatly trimmed — made sure Craig was groomed to handsome perfection … and always smelling sweet as spring between the sheets!”