While Frank Spins!

Kathie Lee Gifford Gets Her Steamy Sex Scene With Craig Ferguson

Lights, camera and hot, steamy summer ACTION!

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Kathie Lee Gifford is all revved up and ready to dive between the silky sheets with hunky younger leading man and crush-object Craig Ferguson!

“Kathie Lee made sure to write herself a scintillating bedroom scene in ‘Love Me to Death,’ a romantic comedy she’s shooting for six weeks in Scotland,” an undercover spy squealed to The National ENQUIRER.

“And she ain’t just teasing — she delivers the goods!”

Kathie Lee Hot Over Hoda’s ‘Today’ Promotion!

There’s even a startling “morning after” stunner that’ll prove the delicious “deed” was indeed … fulfilling!

“Kathie Lee said, ‘Imagine me actually writing this sexy stuff all alone in the wee hours of the night … then experiencing it with a real live gorgeous man in my arms — in the light of day!’

“The woman couldn’t fly to Glasgow fast enough!”

Talk about living out your fantasies. You go, girl!