Belle Of The Bawl?

Kathie Lee Gifford Sobbing Over Her ‘Ugly Cry’ Face

'Today' host putting extra work into her weep!

kathie lee gifford fake crying
Getty Images

Kathie Lee Gifford had backstage hands at “Today” wondering: What the heck is she up to? 

The chattress got caught sobbing her eyes out — in front of a mirror, gazing at herself while tears of frustration streamed down her face.

“Turned out perfectionist KLG’s trying to perfect how she looks while tearing up,” eye-rolled a backstage blab to The National ENQUIRER.

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“She has to cry a lot for her leading role in ‘Love Me to Death,’ a rom-com she wrote that’s shooting in Scotland this summer,” the source continued.

“But she says no matter how much she practices, she can’t manage to make her weeping sourpuss look ‘more pretty!’ ”