Rob Shuter

Kardashians Conspire To Quit Texting Kanye

Rampant rapper has reality show stars on alert!

kanye west kim kardashian kuwtk texting scandals
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Kanye West has been known to post private texts from friends on social media — but, until recently, he never exposed family members!

Now insiders claim that his very indiscreet actions in August have terrified wife Kim Kardashian, along with Kris Jenner and the rest of the Kardashians.

“After Caitlyn Jenner’s texts to Kanye were exposed by him,” an insider dished to The National ENQUIRER, “ they all realize Kanye cannot be trusted, and that no one is safe — not even Kim!”

And that reportedly has all the Kardashians catching up on some new house rules!

“No one in the family is texting Kanye,” said the source. “They’re all aware anything they write in private might be posted for everyone to read!”