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Kanye West Hates Kim Kardashian’s ‘Freaky’ Face!

The rap star isn’t happy about his reality star wife’s plastic surgery.

Kanye West hates Kim Kardashian plastic surgery
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Kanye West went nuts after finding out wife Kim Kardashian had work done on her famous face — AGAIN!

Worse, she snuck out and had the plastic surgery without telling him first!

The 35-year-old brunette was barely recognizable, and when Kanye, 38, saw the results, he exploded with rage.

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“You don’t mess with the Mona Lisa!” he screamed after Kim had her THIRD nose job, more Botox and her lips plumped.

The egocentric rapper has always likened his wife’s looks to the legendary Leonardo da Vinci painting.

“Now he is having nightmares that Kim is wrecking her appearance and turning into a freak,” dished an insider.

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To make matters worse, the reality star confessed she was planning to go under the knife again in the next few weeks!

“She wants to get her cheeks enhanced and jawline altered next,” said the pal.

“But Kanye says that she is going too far and told her, ‘Enough is enough!’”

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