Kanye West Declares: ‘Bill Cosby Innocent!’

The rapper shocks his 18.5 million followers by siding with the disgraced comic!

Kanye West Bill Cosby

Kanye West went to social media to declare: “BILL COSBY INNOCENT!” — shocking longtime fans of the rapper as he sided with the disgraced comic!
The bizarre claim was also a surprise to readers of The National ENQUIRER, who have the scoop on claims that Bill Cosby drugged and raped multiple women — and even admitted to it in a court deposition!
Even stranger, Kanye made the controversial proclamation in the midst of trying to get his fans excited over his upcoming album!

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Now it looks like sales for “Waves” are about to sink in the midst of Kanye’s embarrassing statement!
Hundreds of Kanye’s fans responded to his support for Cosby, calling the rapper “deranged” and “mentally ill.”
Another follower said: “Kanye’s obviously desperate to get attention for his new album!”

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And one disgusted former fan said: “You have a daughter. Do better!”